Create beautiful and professional worksheets for your online course in minutes even if design is NOT your strength.

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Definition of a successful online course…


suc·cess·ful on·line course

/səkˈsesfəl/ /änˈlīn/ kôrs/

1. An online training program that get’s students to achieve the promised result.

“She tripled her business by turning her knowledge into a very successful online course.”


See, the whole point of an online course is to expedite the process of getting your customers from where they are to where they want to be with less headache and stress than they could on their own.

But the only way your customers even have the chance of achieving this desired result is if they implement what they learn. This quote explains it perfectly…

So how do you get them to action?

By making it super clear what they need to do next.

Providing worksheets in your course is one of the best ways to do this because it makes it easy for your customers to know exactly what they need to do in order to move closer towards the goal.

What people really want when they purchase an online course (and what they’ll be happy to pay premium prices for) is a clear step-by-step implementation plan. So adding worksheets drastically increases the perceived value of your program.

Especially if they look professional and are well designed.

But what if you do this if you’re really not great at design…

… don’t want to spend countless hours trying to learn how to use expensive and complicated design software…

…or pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to hire a professional designer?

That’s why I’ve put together The Online Course Worksheet Template Pack.

The design for these templates is the direct result of testing and refining what works to create actionable worksheets for successful online courses. I’ve specifically created them as editable Canva templates so it’s easy for ANYONE to customize in minutes!

The Online Course Template Pack can be customized for any course, regardless of what topic or industry …

…Ensures your content has a high perceived value because it’s presented beautifully and professionally…

…And saves you from wasting hours trying to do it yourself.

When you have The Online Course Worksheet Template Pack you’ll get access to…

  • Six beautiful, professionally designed worksheets in an editable Canva template.
  • Complete with the every type of worksheet you will need including: a checklist, step-by-step guide, weekly planner, 12-box grid, and short answer reflection sheet.
  • Step-by-step training video on how to use Canva to create amazing worksheets.

Don’t create your course worksheets without this.

Seriously… don’t do it.

There are already so many other things that need to be done to launch your course.

Why spend your precious time trying to figure it all out on your own and design something from scratch?

You already have the expertise that people are dying to get their hands on…

You just need some help to turn what you know into actionable steps and make your content look amazing.

And price shouldn’t be an issue because you can have access to The Online Course Worksheet Template Pack for just $27.

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