Lesson Slides & Canva Worksheet Templates – Watercolor


Boost your productivity and create beautifully branded online course slides and worksheets with the Watercolor Lesson Slide and Canva Worksheet Template Pack, containing everything you need to maintain a consistent design throughout your course assets. The Watercolor Pack has been carefully designed for online course content, and contains a selection of 7 editable worksheets and a complete editable lesson slide deck.  This pack has been designed to look elegant while still maintaining a sense of fun.


Lesson Slides Template Pack Contains:

21 Slides specifically designed to help you communicate your course lessons clearly and concisely.

Worksheet Template Pack Contains:

  • Weekly Planner Worksheet
  • ChecklistWorksheet
  • Step-by-step GuideWorksheet
  • 12 BoxWorksheet
  • Week Plan StyleWorksheet
  • Monthly Calendar StyleWorksheet
  • NotesWorksheet

:::::::::::: WHAT’S INCLUDED ::::::::::::

Your Editable Templates Planner contains:

  • Watercolor Slide Keynote Template
  • Watercolor Slide PowerPoint Template
  • Watercolor Worksheet Templates: Editable Canva Template (7 Worksheets)