Online Courses Academy

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Help your audience turn their expertise into a long-term, scalable, business asset and earn $1000 per sale!

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Online Courses Academy

Partner Program

Help your audience turn their expertise into a long-term, scalable, business asset and earn $1000 per sale!

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When it comes to choosing strategic partnerships I know there are two very important things to take into consideration...


You need to be confident that the product you’re recommending can truly help your audience achieve the result it promises.
Regardless of how great the product/service is, if it doesn’t have a well-executed launch strategy the revenue brought in will be slim to none.

Quality & Demand

By promoting Online Courses Academy you’ll help your audience overcome the biggest obstacles holding them back from creating one of their most valuable business assets.

As you’re probably already well aware, entrepreneurs and business owners across essentially every industry are enthralled with the idea of adding an online course to their revenue streams.

The problem is that most have no idea where to start or what’s needed in order to be successful.

After years of working with clients one-on-one to help plan, create and launch online courses I decided to take my own advice and package my years of experience into an online program in order to help solve a very unmet need.

It was loud and clear that entrepreneurs were pleading for an all-inclusive solution for creating an online course and while there are other courses that teach you how to create a course, the biggest complaint I’ve heard over and over was that the program just skimmed over the actual technical setup.

The reason for this is that at the rate technology changes it would be incredibly time-consuming for someone to have to constantly recreate the training videos in order to keep up with the never-ending platform updates.

However, because creating online courses for our private clients is the core of our entire business, I always have to keep my tutorials up-to-date in order to train my team. This is why I’ve been able to create a course that truly does cover ever aspect of the course creation process step-by-step and is unlike any other.

Launch Strategy

You can feel confident that your efforts will not go to waste. We've incorporated super ninja components to every aspect of the launch.


We’ve implemented the Ask Method in order to segment subscribers based on where they’re at in the course creation process. This allows us to keep communication specifically targeted to their pain points and interests resulting in higher conversations and more sales for you!


It goes without saying that people are a lot more likely to purchase the program when they watch your pre-launch videos, read your emails and engage with the community.

In order to increase lead engagement, we’ve gamified the launch by awarding points for watching the videos, downloading the workbooks and commenting. These points are used to unlock special bonuses and people are loving it!


The pre-launch content is delivered in a 4-part video training series that is strategically structured to help viewers form the beliefs necessary in order to convert to a customer and overcome any objections they may have about purchasing.

Join the Partner Program and earn $1,000 per sale!

Become a partner!

How it works

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Our Infusionsoft-powered referral partner center ensures that all your sales are tracked.


Email, blog, tweet, and post - we’ve done the heavy lifting by creating emails, social media posts, and images for you.


Earn a 50% commission for every person you refer who enrolls - at $2,000 per seat, you'll make $1,000 on each referral!

About Online Courses Academy

The most comprehensive implementation program that guides members through the process of planning, creating, and launching a highly profitable online course.
Module 1

Validate Your Idea

Module 2

Outline and Structure

Module 3

Content Creation

Module 4

Build Your Membership Site

Module 5

Rockstar Affiliate Program

Module 6

Launch Strategy



Shows step-by-step how to design and develop a profitable online course from start to finish. (Think tactics, not abstract philosophy.)

Teaches how to actually SELL your course through segmentation, intelligent sales funnels, and building community.

Establishes an engaging, interactive, and motivating learning environment so that users keep coming back for more.

Demystifies technology like creating course membership sites, setting up email campaigns, and building an affiliate program.

My mission is simple… to help entrepreneurs become a richer, happier, sexier version of themselves by giving them the strategy and tools to build a better business model.

I truly believe that our level of success directly correlates to the amount of time we’re able to spend in our zone of genius because when your work is synonymous to your play, your productivity is at an all time high, your level of happiness skyrockets, and profits naturally follow suit.

Hustling will only get you so far. Instead, if you really want to take your business to the next level, you need to build in leverage.

This is why I’m so passionate about online courses. They’ve created an unprecedented opportunity to obtain financial freedom doing what you love and helping others change their lives for the better.

I’ve been fortunate enough to help hundreds of entrepreneurs productize their expertise through my digital agency, online training courses, and live workshops and I’d love to help you as well.

<3 Megan

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