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Hey, ! I’m so happy to have you here! The goal of these templates and tutorials is to give you a framework to follow that will allow you to optimize the process of creating your online course lesson slides. Templates are so powerful because they eliminate the dreaded blank screen so you can jump right in and hit the ground running.

Click the button below to download the zip file which contains the PowerPoint and Keynote files.

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Video One
Resources included in this training

This video show you the additional resources that are included with this training and how to duplicate the Airtable template.

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Video Two
How To Structure Your Lesson Slides

This video will walk you through the structure I follow for creating online course lesson slides.  

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Video Three
Slide Template overview

In this video we’ll review the template slides and discuss the use of each slide.

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Video Four
How To Edit Your Slides

In this video I’ll cover the technical aspects of editing your slides in PowerPoint and Keynote. (P.S. We just updated the slide template on May 6, 2020 and are in the process of creating a new version of this video with the new slide designs. However, the current training will still show you everything you need to know in regards to how to edit the templates, it will just be using a different keynote file.)


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